Meet the Team…

This team is a passionate group of established sustainability professionals who have deep expertise in green chemistry and material science within the textile sector. Coming from brands like Patagonia, Columbia, Nike, and BoltThreads, and sustainability leadership entities Cradle to Cradle, Anthesis, and Blu Skye, the team was able to apply their technical and qualitative know-how to this novel initiative.

Beth Rattner

Conductor + Circularity Strategist

Katia Hardgrave

Project Manager + Social Impact Lead

James Ewell

Green Chemistry + Sustainable Materials Expert

Lauren Bright

Collaborative Projects Architect + Technical Expert

Libby Sommer

Circularity + Green Chemistry Expert

Brian Dougherty

Designer + Strategic Advisor

Claudia Richardson

Materials Engineer + Innovation Strategist

The Laudes Foundation has provided catalytic funding for this ambitious project.

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